PAeHCO Use Case Structure & Examples


Key Questions: What are some example use cases for establishing a Health Information Exchange (HIE)? How can they help?

Use Cases provide a high-level abstract view of what the HIE-NETWORK will enable, ultimately providing benefits to patients and/or providers, payers and other healthcare organizations. The Use Cases presented here are valuable early pursuits of electronic health information exchanges. They aim to ensure patient information protection while increasing the effectiveness of information flow via electronic exchanges. They also aim to align electronic exchanges with federal rules, regulations, and guidelines.


  • 1.0 PAeHCO Use Case Structure
  • 2.0 PAeHCO Use Cases
  • Use Case #1 Discharge Information 
  • Use Case #2 Active Care Coordination 
  • Use Case #3 CPOE and Results Delivery 
  • Use Case #4 Historical Lists (Rx, Allergies, Conditions, etc) 
  • Use Case #5 ePrescribing 
  • Use Case #6 Clinical Messaging 
  • Use Case #7 Clinical Quality Reporting 
  • Use Case #8 Referrals / Consultations 
  • Use Case #9 Longitudinal Health Record 
  • Use Case #10 Quality, Safety Analysis, and Reporting 
  • Use Case #11 Enrollment / Eligibility Verification 
  • Use Case #12 Centralized Provider Credentialing 
  • Use Case #13 Clinical Registries 
  • Use Case #13a Administrative Registries 
  • Use Case #14 Meaningful Use Reporting 
  • Use Case #15 Public Health
  • Use Case #16 Lab Results
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PA eHealth - Use Cases
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