Patient-Centred Care - A Call to Action for Wound Management


Key Questions: How can patients be empowered within wound care through policy change to improve patient-centered care? 

The aim of this document is to explore the concept and status of patient advocacy with regard to wound care. This document will begin a structured process of patient empowerment within wound care that will change policy at the highest level. 

For more information on wound care see the following article: Wound Care Overview


  • Introduction - Why are we failing? The obstacles facing patients in wound care
  • Putting patients at the center of wound care treatment 
  • A patient bill of rights in wound management
  • The wound care patient's bill of rights
  • The clinician as a patient advocate
  • The wider responsibilities of the wound care clinician
  • Through a glass darkly - refocusing research and development towards the patient
  • Initiating patient advocacy at the national and international level
  • Conclusion 

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