Patient Privacy, Consent, and Identity Management in Health Information Exchange

This tool provides an analysis of policy issues with a focus on policy, research findings, and experiences with respect to patient privacy, consent, and identity management as relevant to health information exchange (HIE). The report focuses specifically on HIE between the Department of Defense’s Military Health Systems, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and civilian health care providers who treat the departments’ beneficiaries.

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RAND Corporation

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The Need for Data Standards in Healthcare

Health Information Exchange Explanation

  • Preface
  • Figure
  • Tables
  • Summary
  • Acknowledgements
  • Abbreviations
  • Chapter 1: Introduction and Background
  • Chapter 2: Privacy of Individual Health Information
  • Chapter 3: Patient Consent for Health Information Exchange
  • Chapter 4: Patient Identity Management
  • Chapter 5: Conclusions and Recommendations
  • References