Patient Safety Leadership WalkRounds


Key Questions: How can we improve patient safety at our organization via leadership rounding?

Senior leaders use weekly Patient Safety Leadership WalkRounds to demonstrate their organization’s commitment to building a culture of safety. WalkRounds are conducted in patient care departments (such as the emergency department, operating rooms, radiology), the pharmacy, and laboratories. They provide an informal method for leaders to talk with front-line staff about safety issues in the organization and show their support for staff-reported errors. This tool provides key elements for successful implementation of WalkRounds and sample formats and questions to ask staff.



  • Background
  • Why Should Organizations Implement WalkRounds?
  • Aims
  • Measures of Success
  • Instructions for WalkRounds
  • Senior Leaders Script for WalkRounds
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Institute for Healthcare Improvement Idealized Design Group and Allan Frankel, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, Phone: +1 617-243-6298

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Demonstrating quality commitment to front line

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