Personal Health Information: A Practical Tool for Physicians Transitioning from Paper-Based Records to Electronic Health Records


Key Questions: How can physicians effectively transition from paper-based records to Electronic Health Records? Which elements of privacy need focus in this transition?

This toolkit provides an overview of the importance of privacy protection in healthcare and guides the transition from Paper-based Records to Electronic Health Records in clinical settings. 

The toolkit explains why privacy is so important in the delivery of health-care and briefly describes the various types of electronic records of personal health information that physicians may opt to employ in their practices. It outlines the general obligations that physicians have to protect personal health information and those specific to electronic systems. It describes the privacy and security issues that must be considered in making the transition, in using electronic records of personal health information, and in managing paper-based records after making the transition to electronic systems. Finally, the toolkit provides some general guidance on how to address the privacy and security issues, and refers physicians to several useful resources for more detailed information.


  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Why is Privacy Protection So Important in Health Care?
  • Electronic Patient Information
  • General Obligation to Protect Personal Health Information
  • Making the Transition to Electronic Records
  • Using Electronic Patient Information
  • Managing Old Paper-Based Records
  • Managing Privacy Breaches
  • Resources for Physicians
  • Summary and Conclusion

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The Future of Health Care: Electronic Health Records