Pressure Ulcer Prevention Action Plan Tool


Key Questions: How can pressure ulcers be prevented, screened, and treated for?

The purpose of this tool is to provide a framework for outlining steps that will be needed to design and implement the pressure ulcer prevention initiative. 

For more information on wound care see the following article: Wound Care Overview


This tool additionally includes a variety of resources for assessing screening and planning for pressure ulcers. 

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Preventing Pressure Ulcers in Hospitals


  1. Note the date and the objective. A sample objective is provided.
  2. The form lists six key tasks. For each, list in the second column the steps that will be taken to address the task, including tools to be used.
  3. In developing the plan, it is not expected that you will provide results, only that you will lay out what needs to be done.
  4. In the last two columns, determine who will have lead responsibility for completing each task, and estimate an appropriate timeframe for completing the activities.
  5. Use the plan as a working document that can be revised. As you begin to carry out the plan, you may need to make adjustments and add details to the later tasks.

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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

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