Primary Health Care Patient Experience Survey Toolkit


The Patient Experience Survey Toolkit is a practical guide for surveying patients in primary care practices, public and primary health care services, or chronic disease management programs. The toolkit provides an understanding of a routine survey process, as well as methods to plan, carry it out, and use the results to inform ongoing improvement efforts in the clinic. The goal is to make it simple and easy to survey patients, so that their experiences can be used to improve not only their care, but the experience of staff and providers as well.


  • The importance of understanding patients’ experiences
  • Primary Health Care Patient Experience Survey and Toolkit
  • Getting ready to survey your patients
  • Conducting the survey and sending surveys to the Health Quality Council (HQC)
  • Downloading and understanding your survey results
  • Using your survey results for improvement
  • Appendix A: About Hoshin Kanri in Saskatchewan
  • Appendix B: Information on measurement
  • Appendix C: Survey schedule examples and template
  • Appendix D: Surveys
  • Appendix E: Sample agenda for a planning session
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Saskatchewan Health Quality Council

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August 2014

Innovation: Patient experience email survey.

CAP's Patient Experience Survey Program