Privacy Officer Job Description, Role and Responsibility


Key Questions: What role does a privacy officer play within an organization? What key elements are required to be effective in this role?

Privacy officers are important to maintaining the privacy and security of your organization. They help implement a core value of privacy and monitor the company to prevent any compromises. In this tool, it will outline what a chief privacy officer is and the role they play in a company or organization. 


  • Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)
  • Privacy Official Duties: Big Picture
  • Privacy Official Access
  • Role Reflects Entity
  • Role of the CPO
  • Access/Disclosure Verification Procedures
  • Policies and Procedures
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Brent Saunders, PriceWaterhouseCoopers & Karen Owen Dunlop, SIDLEY & AUSTIN

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HIPAA Privacy Compliance: It's the Law HD