Privacy & Security Requirements and Considerations for Digital Health Solutions


Key Questions: What are the privacy and security requirements for digital health solutions? 

This document is an evolution of the original Electronic Health Record (EHR) Privacy Security Requirements. This document acknowledges the continued relevance of the previously defined privacy and security requirements for the EHR infostructure as well as additional elements for new digital health solutions and emerging technologies including:

  • Consumer health solutions
  • Point of service solutions
  • Inter-jurisdictional health information sharing
  • Secondary use of health information
  • Cloud computing
  • Mobile devices
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Federated identity management


  • Introduction
  • Privacy Requirments
  • Security Requirments
  • Privacy and Security Considerations
  • Appendix A - Summary of Requirements
  • Appendix B - Glossary and Acronyms
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