Professional Staff Credentialing Toolkit


Key Questions: What are privileges? What are the consequences faced by hospitals when credentialing requirements are not carried out properly? How can everyday management issues be addressed once privileges are in place?

The Toolkit provides practical guidance to assist hospitals in managing one of their most critical resources: Board Appointed Professional Staff (physicians, dentists, midwives, and extended class nurses). It explores the relationship between hospitals and the Board-Appointed Professional Staff who are granted “privileges” to practice at a specific hospital.

The Toolkit begins with background information, then guides readers through the credentialing process chronologically (i.e., from recruitment through retirement). It provides several resources including, frequently asked questions (FAQs), templates, checklists and sample documents. 


  • Overview
  • Legal Context
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Planning and Recruitment
  • Initial Appointments 
  • Re-appointments
  • Everyday Management
  • Performance Evaluations and "Progressive Management"
  • Refusing Appointments and Re-appointments and Suspending, Restricting or Revoking Privileges
  • Resignation and Retirement
  • Maintaining Credential Files
  • Academic Issues
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Ontario Hospital Association

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