Recommendations for Adoption: Dementia Care in the Community


Key Questions: What are the quality standards for those living with Dementia? How do I properly care for someone with Dementia? How do I ensure the highest standards of quality in my community?

This document summarizes recommendations at local practice and system-wide levels to support the adoption of the quality standard on dementia care in the community. At the local and regional levels, health care providers and organizations in all applicable settings, local health integration networks (LHINs), and other health system partners are encouraged to use the quality standard as a resource for quality improvement. While many organizations and providers may be offering the care described in the quality standard, the statements, related measures, and adoption supports are designed to help organizations determine where there are opportunities to focus their improvement efforts. 

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  • About This Document
  • The Dementia Care in the Community Quality Standard
  • The Recommendations for Adoption
  • Measurement and Reporting
  • Appendix A: Process and Methods for Developing the Recommendations for Adoption
  • Appendix B: Summary Recommendations for Health Sector Organizations and Other Entities
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