Sample Workplace Violence Prevention Policy


Key Questions: What is a Workplace Violence Prevention Policy? What are the elements required to develop this document?

This tool provides a sample template along with an overview of the required elements of a Workplace Violence Prevention Policy. It can be adapted to suit your organization's needs.

This sample policy is a template that can be used for any healthcare organization to adapt in order to develop its own workplace violence prevention policy.



  • Organizational mission
  • Purpose
  • Policy statement that can be adapted to the needs of any healthcare workplace
  • Information useful in developing a workplace violence prevention program
  • Scope of the policy
  • Definitions of violence
  • Roles and responsibilities of workplace parties
  • Reporting requirements
  • Response procedures
  • Employee supports
  • Risk assessment
  • Education
  • Program evaluation
  • Accountability
  • Records
  • Required policy review
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 Ontario Nurses' Association

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Workplace Violence Prevention for Nurse's Training

Workplace Violence Prevention in Hospitals