Security Toolkit Resource Manual


Security is an important part of any workplace violence prevention strategy. Within healthcare, security involves preventing and/or protecting individuals and property. This toolkit is designed to help community and healthcare organizations, with or without designated security personnel, establish an effective security program. 


  • Introduction
  • About the Security Toolkit
  • Appendix A: Security Program Self Assessment Checklist with Action Plan
  • Appendix B: Sample Corporate Security Policy Template
  • Appendix C: Sample List of Security Related Policies and Procedures
  • Appendix D: Workplace Security Fast Fact Awareness Tool
  • Appendix E: Sample Training Security Training Topics for Workers and Managers 
  • Appendix F: Security Guard Training Duration and Provider Considerations 
  • Appendix G: Security Guard Training Program Components
  • Appendix H: Sample Security Guard Training Checklist for Healthcare Institutions
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Security Toolkit
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