The Startup's Quick Guide to Privacy


Key Questions: What is privacy? What privacy laws apply to my organization? How do I ensure my organization practices proper privacy?

“Innovation” is the rallying cry of our time. Its more than a buzzword. It’s a strategy. The energy coming from this new strategy is coming from the start-up community. Many of these start-ups are focused on innovative technology like internet mobile, social media, the Internet of Things, wearables and medical devices that can track personal information from each of their clients. As is common in technology, the pace of change is moving faster that society’s ability to address the social impacts of technological developments. This is true of privacy. Like it or not, technological innovation raises serious questions about privacy. Privacy breaches can hurt people. In this tool, it discusses advice for start-ups to help them build and operate privacy-friendly solutions. 


  • Introduction
  • Know what privacy laws apply to you and your customers
  • Conduct a privacy impact assessment
  • Build privacy and security protective features into your products and services
  • Implement a privacy management program 
  • Be ready for a privacy breach 
  • Who cares about privacy? 
  • Turning it around: the privacy advantage
  • Where to go from here? 
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Panel Discussion - What’s on the Horizon in Privacy and Data Security