Telehealth Governance: An Essential Tool to Empower Today's Healthcare Leaders


Key Questions: How can Telehealth Governance be used to empower today's healthcare leaders? How can a strong governance be implemented?

This tool explores the three key functions of telehealth governance: management, prioritization of services, and achieving return on investment (ROI). In addition, how long it takes to create governance and milestones that define progress over time are addressed.

Strong telehealth governance serves as the cornerstone for advancing a telehealth strategy by ensuring that the health system has the intentional leadership infrastructure to compete and excel in this fast-paced and transforming industry. 


  • A Conceptual Framework
  • Telehealth Management Capability
  • Using Teleheath Governance to Prioritize Services
  • Using Telehealth Governance to Track Outcomes and Telehealth ROI
  • How Long to Establish Telehealth Governance? 
  • Milestones to Success
  • Summary
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