Visioning, Goal Setting, and Strategic Planning for EHR and HIE


Key Questions: How can my organization create a strategic plan for Health Information Exchange (HIE) & Electronic Health Record (EHR) initiatives? How do we develop a vision and set goals that are important to achieving it?  Which templates can be used? 

This document describes the process for creating a vision for electronic health record (EHR), health information exchange (HIE), and other health information technology (HIT) in home health agencies. A vision will help establish goals for what the HIT will achieve and a strategic plan for how to achieve those goals. It is designed to be used by completing the visioning exercise and then following the process outlined for specific goal setting for your HIT project. The final step is to develop a migration path for the HIT components that your organization plans to add over time.

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  • Visioning
  • Goal setting
  • Writing Goals
  • Template for Tracking Goals 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Migration Path
  • HIT Vendor Path 
  • HIE Partner Identification 
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