The What, Why, and How of Rapid Rounds


Key Questions: What are Rapid Rounds? What are the key elements required to successfully implement rapid rounds within my organization?

Rapid Rounds are daily interprofessional team meetings designed to review each patient’s plan of care to identify what needs to be done that day in order to move the plan forward. Rapid Rounds provide a structured format that encourages brevity and effectiveness. Care decisions made during Rapid Rounds are discussed with the patient, ensuring the patient is at the center of their care.

This document explores the core concepts for Rapid Rounds (and is accompanied by an e-learning video) so that you will be able to:

  • Recognize the cornerstones for successful Rapid Rounds;
  • Identify the structure and content of Rapid Rounds;
  • Identify the roles performed by team members during Rapid Rounds; and
  • Collaborate with other staff members in planning and preparing for Rapid Rounds. 


  • Welcome
  • Project Collaborators
  • Elearning Tips
  • Learning Objectives
  • Rapid Rounds
  • What are Rapid Rounds?
  • Why Rapid Rounds?
  • What does Rapid Rounds Look Like?
  • Video
  • Cornerstones of Rapid Rounds
  • What gets covered in Rapid Rounds
  • Everybody has a role in Rapid Rounds
  • Your Role in Rapid Rounds
  • Specific Roles
  • Collaborative planning for Rapid Rounds
  • Review
  • Reflection
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Alberta Health Services and University of Alberta

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