Worksite Health 101 Training Manual


Faced with high health care costs, many employers are turning to workplace health programs to help employees adopt healthier lifestyles and lower their risk of developing costly chronic diseases while improving worker productivity. In October 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began the National Healthy Worksite Program (NHWP). The NHWP is designed to assist employers in implementing science- and practice-based prevention and wellness strategies that will lead to specific, measureable health outcomes to reduce chronic disease rates. Information and resources provided in the Worksite Health 101 Training Manual are intended to support training participants in each phase of worksite health program development. 


  • Introduction: The National Healthy Worksite Program
  • Part 1: Making the Case for Worksite Health 
  • Part 2: Leadership and Culture 
  • Part 3: Assessment and Data Collection
  • Part 4: Program Planning and Implementation 
  • Part 5: Program Evaluation
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The National Healthy Worksite Program, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

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National Healthy Worksite Program: Leader in Worksite Health

December 10, 2013: CDC's National Healthy Worksite Assessment Tools