Worksite Wellness Resource: Creating a Healthier Worksite


The purpose of the Vermont Worksite Wellness Resource — Creating a Healthier Worksite is to guide you through the steps to design and sustain a wellness program that fits the scale and culture of your organization. The focus here is on promoting physical and mental health, reducing the major risk factorsthat lead to chronic disease — poor nutrition, physical inactivity, tobacco use and substance abuse — and on supporting immunizations and breastfeeding.


  • Introduction: The Case for Worksite Wellness
  • The Vermont Prevention Model
  • Chapter 1: Why Wellness?
  • Chapter 2: Creating a Supportive Environment
  • Chapter 3: Engagement
  • Chapter 4: Types of Programs
  • Chapter 5: Evaluation
  • Toolkit
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Vermont Department of Health

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What is Worksite Wellness